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от raulitop
26 Мар 2020, 16:28
Форум: GSClient 1.6
Тема: GSClient 1.6
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GSClient 1.6

The Masterserver using by GSClient is here: https://dev-ms.ru/

You can add your servers there
от raulitop
23 Мар 2020, 23:01
Форум: Off-Topic
Тема: Защита на Counter Strike 1.6 Server
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Защита на Counter Strike 1.6 Server

SV_CheckforDuplicateNames it's fixed by dproto... server doesn't need to use plugin Info: https://hpp.ovh/topic/43-c-sv_checkforduplicatenames/ Also, please update the post with latest voice exploit: fixed by revoice fixed by VoiceTranscoder 2017 RC5 and i think it was fixed on dproto too (...

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