JCTF GunXP Simple

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JCTF GunXP Simple

Мнение от Infamous2018 » 02 юли 2019, 22:28

Hello, in the net there are some JCTF Plugins but i need an simple plugin, hope anyone have one or can create one.

Need only Add Blue/Red Flag to bases . And u should get XP when u get the flag . I remember there was an plugin like this only for Zombie Mods ... But i dont find it :( Anyone an Idea ?!

this the INC

Код: Избери всички

// Gun Xp Mod Include File //
#if defined _gunxpmod_included
#define _gunxpmod_included

#if !defined charsmax
    #define charsmax(%1) sizeof(%1)-1

// Returns player Experience.
native get_user_xp(id)

// Sets player Experience.
native set_user_xp(id, amount)

// Returns player Level.
native get_user_level(id)

// Sets player Level.
native set_user_level(id, amount)

// Returns player Level by Xp.
native get_user_max_level(id)

// Return player prestige
native get_user_prestige(id)

// Sets player prestige
native set_user_prestige(id, amount)

// Sets player save type
native set_user_save_type(id, amount)

// Gets player save type
native get_user_save_type(id)

// check_level(id)
native check_level_native(id)

// Sets xp enabled
native set_xp_enabled(id, bool:enabled)

// Sends unlocks list to core plugin. Used for gunxp shop
native send_unlocks_list(id, list[])

// Check if loaded. Fix dissappearing bug
native get_xp_loaded(id)
native set_xp_loaded(id, bool:set)
native get_power_loaded(id)

native get_password(id, psw[])
native set_pass(id, psw[])

// 0 - IP ; 1 - Steam ; 2 - Name
forward OnSaveTypeChange(id, which)
// 0 - Not Loaded Yet ; 1 - Loaded
forward OnPowersLoaded(id, condition)

// Used to add XP with gxm_add_kill_text(id, xp, string[])
forward XPOnPreKill(id)
forward XPOnPreInfect(id)
forward XPOnPreDamage(id)

forward OnLevelSaveDisconnect(id)
forward OnLevelSave(id, xp, prestige)
forward OnLevelLoad(id)
forward OnLevelLoaded(id, szAuth[], xp, prestige)
forward XPOnItemBought(id, name[], cost)

native gxm_add_kill_text(id, xp, string[])
native gxm_add_damage_text(id, xp, string[])
native gxm_add_bonus(id, xp, string[])

// Translates into multilanguage
stock Translate(const key[], client)
	new translation[64];
	formatex(translation, charsmax(translation), "%L", client, key);
	return translation;

stock client_printcolor(const id, const input[], any:...)
	new count = 1, players[32];
	static msg[191];
	replace_all(msg,190,"/g","^4");// green txt
	replace_all(msg,190,"/y","^1");// orange txt
	replace_all(msg,190,"/ctr","^3");// team txt
	replace_all(msg,190,"/w","^0");// team txt
	if (id) players[0] = id; else get_players(players,count,"ch");
	for (new i=0;i<count;i++)
		if (is_user_connected(players[i]))
			message_begin(MSG_ONE_UNRELIABLE, get_user_msgid("SayText"), _, players[i]);


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